AED’s in Senior Living

CF Medical is a leading provider for AEDs in Assisted living facilities in the northeast

Markets / AED’s in Senior Living

Sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, at any time. In fact, a person is at slightly greater risk during and right after exercise.³ That's why many senior centers and active adult communities have installed Philips HeartStart AEDs. They’re reliable and easy to use, and our services help you manage your program. Philips is the official AED of the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA).

Many senior centers and active adult communities have determined that Philips, the AED market leader,¹ gives their AED program the best chance of success. CF Medical has worked with senior and assisted living facilities for over 15 years in an effort to develop a safer community for all.  HeartStart defibrillators are designed to be reliable, rugged and the easiest to use by lay-responders.