AED's and Defibrillators can be used in many different industries and markets.

CF Medical Markets

There’s an AED solution for every situation.  Whether you are at work, school, or just playing, having an AED on location may save a life.

AED’s in the Community

In communities across the country, and around the world, citizens have joined forces with their municipal leaders and public safety officials to establish public access defibrillation (PAD) programs. You can too.

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AED’s in Law Enforcement

Law enforcement is often first to respond to a cardiac emergency. Defibrillation may be the difference between life and death. HeartStart AEDs are durable enough for a patrol car, yet small and lightweight to carry to a victim.

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AED’s in the Work Place

For over a decade, workplaces of every size and industry have selected Philips HeartStart AEDs and solutions for their early defibrillation programs. Make the right choice. Choose Philips and CF Medical.

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AED’s in Senior Living

Sudden cardiac arrest can happen to anyone, at any time. In fact, a person is at slightly greater risk during and right after exercise.  That's why many senior centers and active adult communities have installed Philips HeartStart AEDs. They’re reliable and easy to use, and our services help you manage your program.

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AED’s in Sports and Fitness

Cardiac arrest can happen to anyone without warning. That’s why many health clubs and sports venues have Philips HeartStart defibrillators close at hand. In fact, Philips is the official AED of the National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA).

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