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SureSigns VS4 NBP SpO2

Get more from vital signs monitoring with the Philips SureSigns VS4.

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Get more from vital signs monitoring with the Philips SureSigns VS4.

Respond to changing patient conditions by having the versatility to choose between NBP interval mode and spot check mode in the same device. Simplify clinician workflow with an intuitive touch-screen interface and tools like QuickCapture and QuickCheck. Wireless capability and the proactive monitoring tool QuickAlert support your hospital’s Rapid Response team. The VS4 is simple to use and works easily with your existing network. It provides you with peace of mind and flexibility — all in a package that’s as easy to love as it is to use.

Touch screen – color LED backlit screen.

Internal WiFi / 802.11 a/b/g option.

Tympanic Temperature option.

Predictive Temperature option.


- Care giver authentication at the bedside.

- Patient record validation at the bedside.

- Patient record review before export to EHR.


- Customize up to 20 observations and

assessments entries.


- Supports Hospital Rapid Response Systems.

Additional ease of use enhancements for

your IT and network informatics teams and

your caregivers.

2D bar-code scanner programmable for

multiple ID fields.

Time-sync with hospital or network clock.

Improved battery management, including

a clearly visable icon to show unit is plugged

in and charging.

Stores up to 800 patient records.